Best Indian, Punjabi Pre Wedding Shoot & Photography Services
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Pre wedding Photography

Looking for the Best Pre Wedding Photography services for your nuptials?

Pre wedding photographer in delhi

We, at ‘What a Beginning’ are your ideal one-stop Indian pre-wedding photography services provider. We make sure that your couple-portraits capture the chemistry between you two in its complete glory in the most subtle manner.

Indian Pre Wedding Photography

Our candid approach to the creative pre-wedding photography brings out the most natural ‘you’ while you casually hang out as we click you. It is your time to bond well before all the hectic wedding preparations kick in, and we let you have those moments so that we can create a perfect look-back book for your beautiful pre-wedding memories.


Check out some of our best captured Pre-wedding pictures

Best Pre Wedding Photography In Chandigarh

Creative Pre Wedding Photography

Our prime photographers are a pro when it comes to capturing the best shots of you two, where the outcome is a picture-perfect moment actually caught on the reel. We have a ‘no-fuss’ policy that makes working with us even more convenient and stress-free. Once you decide to hire us, you can literally seek all kind of assistance related to your shoot so that the day of shoot is spontaneous and not seem like a responsibility.

pre wedding shoot in delhi

Under our full disclosure policy, our pre-wedding photography packages have been curated and designed in a manner so that we are able to meet varied client needs, be it a local couple portrait shoot or an outstation one.

pre wedding shoot punjabi

We are the best pre-wedding photographer in Delhi and the best pre-wedding photographer in Chandigarh; our ultimate motto is to click happy pictures of you that won’t fail to make you smile as you look back at them even after years.


Why Choose us?


  • We are focused on capturing your most genuine moments
  • Our signature photography style makes sure that you look absolutely perfect in your pre-wedding pictures
  • We know how to beautify your pictures further to make them way more flawless
  • We rely on our at-hand experience and knowledge of photography, the angles, and the light coupled with an eye for capturing authentic shots.
  • Our sole aim is to make sure that pictures from your day are larger than life, even when you leaf through them after years.


If you don’t want to settle for less when it’s about your Pre-wedding shoot, we are a booking away!

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