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Maternity Photography

Professional Maternity Photography services with ‘What a Beginning’


Parenthood is a whole new phase in the life of a woman and also in the life of the couple; full of changes and giddy anticipation. An expecting couple can have a lot of things on their minds which might be freaking them out but what they must not forget is how beautiful is the journey to the point in time when both of them get to hold the so very beautiful child of theirs. This journey is, of course, hectic and demanding but a Professional Maternity shoot can definitely give the couple some quality time-off where they can be candid enough to enjoy their moment before they prepare themselves for all the responsibility that is about to come.


With ‘What a Beginning’, you can have your moment of maternity glory where the parents can hire us for maternity photo shoot package. We recommend that you get in touch with us to schedule your maternity photo shoot generally between weeks 28 and 32 of your pregnancy, so that we can capture your adorable baby bump and all that underlying happiness in its entirety.


We provide services related to maternity photography in Delhi as well as services related to maternity photography in Chandigarh. If you have been looking for best maternity photography services for your own Maternity shoot, we are a booking away.


Check out some of our work for some very amazing ‘Mothers’ and ‘Parents’ to be.


Your upcoming pregnancy shoot can be a hassle-free and amazing experience with the photography team at ‘What a Beginning’. Get in touch with us at the earliest to book yourself a slot with our professional maternity photography team for your maternity photography in India.

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