Get Best Professional Indian Candid Wedding Photography
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Candid Wedding Photography

Professional Wedding Candid Photography With ‘What a Beginning’


Capturing a genuine moment without having the subject to pose for it is an art; an art that is a challenge to get right. It’s about capturing the emotion of a moment and not just the moment itself. Also, moments are fleeting and they go by in a wink. Candid Photography is not everyone’s cup of tea but the team at ‘What a Beginning’ is an absolute expert.


Candid style of photography is increasingly gaining popularity with the common people and they want to entail it in their individual portfolios, event photography, weddings, and almost every other major life event. If you had been looking for Indian candid photography services, your pit-stop should be ‘What a Beginning’.


We are specialized in capturing paparazzi-style shots of you and your guests at the events that you would like to hire us for. All the unposed and unplanned shots captured by us will leave you in absolute awe. We make sure that you look your gorgeous self in all our candid photographs.


Check out some of our Best candid photography shots below.


If you had been looking for Candid wedding photographers in Chandigarh and Candid wedding photographers in Delhi, we are just a booking consultation away.


Why Choose us?


  • Our Candid photography is based on how quick we are on our feet. We make sure that we never miss any of the awesome shots of you. With us, it’s never a moment missed.
  • Our Post-processing of your candid shots is always on point. We tweak a lot of your images so that the imperfections are nowhere to be found.
  • We are your sort of shadow Candid photographers and make sure that we capture you and your guests in complete stealth. This makes sure that the subject doesn’t tense up when we are capturing them, resulting in amazing candid photographers.

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